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From: "Rex Burkheimer" <>
Date: Mon, 2 Oct 2000 15:36:32 -0500
Gee, I have all this equipment and I can't figure out how to use it .

I bought one of  the HF $80 (on sale - like everything is) pressurized sand
blaster. Bought some high tech "star" blasting media "Like sand only
better".  So I get the thing all filled, hooked up, and have a small
project, a battery tray, that needs to be made naked.  I turn on the valves,
in sequence, from the air pressure inlet downstream through the feed valve
at the bottom. Media comes rushing out in fairly large volume, but doesn't
seem to be taking off the paint very well. I changed to a smaller nozzle,
but it still did not cut the paint off as well as I thought it should. In
fact, I can hold it at a sport for 5 seconds or more and it gets the paint
clean, but does not take it down to metal.
   Doesn't seem to be a air supply problem, as I used the blaster for quite
a while before the compressor came out (11.5 CFM @ 90psi I think), and it
did not take it long to catch up.
   Humidity was very low.
   I have used blast cabinets with glass beads, I figured this would cut
dramatically faster.
What am I doing wrong?

Rex Burkheimer
Marketing Director, WM Automotive Warehouse
Fort Worth TX

 Great minds discuss ideas;
 Average minds discuss events;
 Small minds discuss people.

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