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To: Rex Burkheimer <>
From: JGN <>
Date: Mon, 2 Oct 2000 17:24:24 -0400 (EDT)
Sounds like you are running too 'rich'.  Adjust it so you get more air and
less abrasive.


On Mon, 2 Oct 2000, Rex Burkheimer wrote:

> Gee, I have all this equipment and I can't figure out how to use it .
> I bought one of  the HF $80 (on sale - like everything is) pressurized sand
> blaster. Bought some high tech "star" blasting media "Like sand only
> better".  So I get the thing all filled, hooked up, and have a small
> project, a battery tray, that needs to be made naked.  I turn on the valves,
> in sequence, from the air pressure inlet downstream through the feed valve
> at the bottom. Media comes rushing out in fairly large volume, but doesn't
> seem to be taking off the paint very well. I changed to a smaller nozzle,
> but it still did not cut the paint off as well as I thought it should. In
> fact, I can hold it at a sport for 5 seconds or more and it gets the paint
> clean, but does not take it down to metal.
>    Doesn't seem to be a air supply problem, as I used the blaster for quite
> a while before the compressor came out (11.5 CFM @ 90psi I think), and it
> did not take it long to catch up.
>    Humidity was very low.
>    I have used blast cabinets with glass beads, I figured this would cut
> dramatically faster.
> What am I doing wrong?
> Rex Burkheimer
> Marketing Director, WM Automotive Warehouse
> Fort Worth TX
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>  Average minds discuss events;
>  Small minds discuss people.

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