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I'm right-handed, but I feel more comfortable dealing cards with my left 
hand, and I use my left hand for the computer mouse.  But the latter is 
because this leaves my right hand free to work the 10-key pad and the Enter 
keys, which all are on the right side of the keyboard.  I've done it so long 
I have trouble using the mouse with my right hand.  You can train yourself 
to do anything.

I remember reading about a grad student who made special eyeglasses that 
used a prism to invert the view.  He wore these all the time for six months, 
and found that he could get along in the world without any problems, as his 
brain had adjusted.  Then he quit wearing them, and it took another three 
months to get back to normal.

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> The dominant hand thing is just what you get used to. In the old days, 
> left-handedness was not allowed - my left handed grandfather had to learn 
> to write with his right hand. Also, although I am right handed, I always 
> brush my teeth with my left hand - this is because the cold tap in my 
> parents house is (as is the standard) on the right side of the basin. So I 
> grew up driving the tap with my right hand and brushing with my left - I 
> find it really awkward to swap.
> Neil 

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