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I had my dominant arm useless and in a sling for about 8 weeks.  You will
become a wizard with your off hand side.  The sling came off in the spring
and while I was not allowed to do much with that arm for many months. I did
manage to play a respectable game of tennis with my weak side arm; although
there was no real serve. <grin>  I did manage to change the generator on my
1960 Triumph TR3 with my strong arm in the sling and it's heavy SOB.  It
took a few hours, but it got done,

Pants - If you can't button them, zip them up and pull that belt firmly.
Watch your wife wiggle into a tight pair of pants and you'll figure out that
laying down on the bed may allow you to button them with one hand. 
Shopping - I bought cases of water and while I could get them into the cart,
I couldn't get them back out and into the trunk, but I always had someone
stop to help get them in the car. 

Don't worry about it.  You will be amazed at how quickly you adapt.  Keep
some wipes handy in the bathroom for the first week.  You may need them.

If you want to talk, pop me an email, but I'm sure you'll figure it out fast
and be surprised with the progress you make and the capabilities you have.


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the shop content is that I'll be out of the shop for several weeks...

after struggling with a bad shoulder for 9 months, feeding it Tylenol and
muscle relaxers that did no good, loosing sleep and being hindered in pretty
much everything I do I broke down , had an MRI and xrays and the diagnosis
torn rotator cuff on my dominant arm.  Solution is arthroscopic surgery to
repair... 6 weeks in a sling with no use of that arm then rehab and another
3-4 months of limited to finally good use of it...

I've been paying attention to what I do with my left arm (which is pretty
everything I attempt) and I'm seriously concerned about 6 weeks without that
arm... besides writing and typing and anything mechanical down to brushing
teeth. I don't see how I can manage without a manservant !  (wife says
womanservant is out of the question ;-)

I know lots of you guys are as active and probably a few that are a clumsy
accident prone as I am.  I'm wondering if any of you guys have had this
surgery on their dominant arm ( surely there are a few)  and what exactly
your limitations and your ways of overcoming.  I know about the sling and
foam couch cushion under it... and all I read is that that arm doesn't get
raised up AT ALL for a while...  do you have use of your arm from elbow to
fingers IF you keep that shoulder/upper arm stationary ??? even if I had to
strap it to my chest I could possibly manage with the forearm and hand
How do you button blue jeans ?  or wash the side of your body that has the
good arm ???   anyway...

I'd love to have some conversation by email or phone with survivors...the
forum certainly isn't the place for it...   anyone want to answer about 600
questions and give me the 411 ??


What every man worth his salt should know how to do.....

Sweep a woman off her feet, ...motivate a peer
Make a wish come true - for someone else,
keep a promise... change a tire... calm a fear
make a child giggle...tell a ghost story
write a love letter, ask for directions

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