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Re: [Shop-talk] the pool PUMP is out

Subject: Re: [Shop-talk] the pool PUMP is out
From: Marcus Pless <>
Date: Fri, 24 Jul 2009 11:44:48 -0700
How many wires were actually going to the start cap? If
it was three total then two of them would go to one pair
of U-shaped spade connectors and the remaining wire would
go to the other set of U-shaped spade connectors.

It looks like grainger has a possible replacement at:

I'd look for a wiring diagram, perhaps under a motor cover
or perhaps by googling for that model of motor, to figure
out how to hook things back up.

On 07/23/2009 05:17:30 PM, wrote:
> I'm sorry, I meant capacitor, and that's what this thing appears to
> be. haven't found the exact one on grainger yet, but the pictures on
> the site look like the thing on my table right now.
> does it have to match the specs exactly? for example, there's a
> dayton
> capacitor that matches specifications, but ony has two spade
> connectors. I'm going to assume it's important to hook up all three
> wires like they came off. but don't see four spade connectors and
> those specs. yet.
> for that matter, I didn't note how they came off. just plug the three
> back on to any of the four spade connectors?
> thanks guys. if you're in town, please come swim in my pool--the damn
> thing is too much hassle to not have everyone enjoying the thing.
> perhaps you could also lend a hand on the triumph bonnet alignment.
> :-)
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> Subject: Re: [Shop-talk] the pool PUMP is out
> so there was no hump on the top of the motor, the 'bottom' end of the
> motor's cylindrical housing came off, revealing what I hope is a
> transformer. and I hope that's what was broken, because I took
> marcus'
> advice to heart, removing it with a pair of pliers, and I destroyed
> it
> in the process. It's a black plastic cylinder, maybe three inches
> long
> by one inch in diameter. it has four spade connectors on one end,
> three of them were wired up to something in the motor. the bottom
> came
> off revealing a 2-inch long roll of what appears to be paper wrapped
> around a plastic (?) rod. like a miniature paper towel-like roll. I
> managed to pull the top off the bottom, unrolling the paper. no fluid
> came out.
> the only thing printed on this thing that I think is pertinent is:
> 161-193MFD 110VAC 60Hz
> OP.T. MAX 65 C
> then a date (01/02/2006) and what I assume is a part number.
> I'm going to have to replace this thing anyway, does the 110 VAC part
> sound okay? it's a 220 motor. or at least it's got a double breaker
> in
> the box.
> next to this thing and with wired from it was an inverse 'v' of two
> flexible metal tabs. there didn't seem to be anything pushing on
> them,
> but pushing them at the 'v's point with a screwdriver seemed to
> activate a switch underneath them. might those be points?
> I do not see a red button in the housing. in fact, there was nothing
> that looked like a reset button at all. must it have one?
> the motor is an AO Smith. I am assuming it is older than 2006, but
> it's outside, so I guess you never know.
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