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Re: [Shop-talk] the pool PUMP is out

Subject: Re: [Shop-talk] the pool PUMP is out
Date: Fri, 24 Jul 2009 00:05:22 +0000 (UTC)
so there was no hump on the top of the motor, the 'bottom' end of the motor's 
cylindrical housing came off, revealing what I hope is a transformer. and I 
hope that's what was broken, because I took marcus' advice to heart, removing 
it with a pair of pliers, and I destroyed it in the process. It's a black 
plastic cylinder, maybe three inches long by one inch in diameter. it has four 
spade connectors on one end, three of them were wired up to something in the 
motor. the bottom came off revealing a 2-inch long roll of what appears to be 
paper wrapped around a plastic (?) rod. like a miniature paper towel-like roll. 
I managed to pull the top off the bottom, unrolling the paper. no fluid came 

the only thing printed on this thing that I think is pertinent is: 

161-193MFD 110VAC 60Hz 
OP.T. MAX 65 C 

then a date (01/02/2006) and what I assume is a part number. 

I'm going to have to replace this thing anyway, does the 110 VAC part sound 
okay? it's a 220 motor. or at least it's got a double breaker in the box. 

next to this thing and with wired from it was an inverse 'v' of two flexible 
metal tabs. there didn't seem to be anything pushing on them, but pushing them 
at the 'v's point with a screwdriver seemed to activate a switch underneath 
them. might those be points? 

I do not see a red button in the housing. in fact, there was nothing that 
looked like a reset button at all. must it have one? 

the motor is an AO Smith. I am assuming it is older than 2006, but it's 
outside, so I guess you never know. 
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