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Re: [Shop-talk] Dishwasher - leaky pump

To: John Miller <>
Subject: Re: [Shop-talk] Dishwasher - leaky pump
From: Donald H Locker <>
Date: Mon, 24 Sep 2007 18:28:37 -0400
That GE dishwasher purchase was made about 18 years ago.  That's back when I 
first (and last) looked to CR for recommendations.


John Miller wrote:
>> Consumer Reports sucks, too.  I bought appliances based on their 
>> and have been sorry ever since.  (GE came highest in quality when I was 
>> purchasing.  NEVER AGAIN!)
> I find it a little surprising GE came in on top, given my (limited) 
> experience with them.
>> Kitchen Aid, Bosch, Maytag.  (In that order, in my opinion, though my 
>> may be out of date.)  Even a low-end of one of these will be better than the 
>> high-end that GE can build.
> We've been quite happy with our KitchenAids over the years; we went for 
> KitchenAid this time 'round over Bosch in large part because the Bosch 
> and most other Euro-design dishwashers do not have a food grinder to 
> deal with food-muck, you have to clean it out manually.  Makes them 
> quieter.
> My one beef with the current Kitchenaid is that the detergent-dispenser 
> cover latch is an awful design, splash a little extra powder in there 
> and it won't latch until you wipe it out of the groove with your index 
> finger.  Maybe the designers were expecting you to use liquid detergent? 
>   Aargh.

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