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RE: Measuring tool recommendations?

To: "Shop Talk" <>
Subject: RE: Measuring tool recommendations?
From: "David C." <>
Date: Tue, 14 Nov 2006 20:04:55 -0800
At 08:58 AM  11/14/2006  -0800, Randall wrote:

> > I would assume anything from Starrett, but that's probably the upper
> > limit of the price range.
>Way too much for my pocketbook !  I just buy cheap dial indicators, then throw
>them away when something goes wrong.  That way I can keep one at the 
>lathe, and
>one at the workbench, and one in the roll-away, etc.

Yeah, what Randall and others said.  I've been doing amateur machine work 
for ten or fifteen years and I have a good Mitutoyo 0-1" mike I almost 
never use, and a number of Harbor Freight/Enco digital calipers I use all 
the time.  One by the lathe, one on the reloading bench, a spare somewhere 
else.  I have used dial type calipers and they are pretty fragile and can 
get junk in the rack; I have had some pretty expensive ones crap out on 
me.  I have a couple of Chinese dial calipers that still work fine, 
although my eyes prefer digital.  I've also had good luck with cheap $12 HF 
dial indicators; the trick is to take care of them, don't drop them or beat 
them up and store them properly, but if you do bust one you're out next to 


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