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RE: Measuring tool recommendations?

To: Shop Talk <>
Subject: RE: Measuring tool recommendations?
From: Vin Marshall <>
Date: Wed, 15 Nov 2006 13:25:06 -0500
> That's clever, but the more realistic version of a modern engineer is a
> guy that takes a series of measurements to the nearest 0.25 inch,
> multiplies everything out on a calculator displaying 10 decimal digits,
> and comes up with a requirement to the nearest .0001 of an inch.
> It's something that was beat into our heads back when I was in
> Engineering School (and even used a slide rule).  You results are only
> accurate to the tolerance of the most accurate measurement.

The EE lab tech would always remind anyone who was getting too carried
away (me) that "we live in a 10% universe" (in reference to the
component tolerances).

It's a good line.  I remind myself every now and then.


T.E. Motorworks, Inc.
Post Industrial Laboratory

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