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RE: Measuring tool recommendations?

To: "Shop Talk" <>
Subject: RE: Measuring tool recommendations?
From: "Randall" <>
Date: Tue, 14 Nov 2006 08:58:15 -0800
> I would assume anything from Starrett, but that's probably the upper
> limit of the price range.

Way too much for my pocketbook !  I just buy cheap dial indicators, then throw
them away when something goes wrong.  That way I can keep one at the lathe, and
one at the workbench, and one in the roll-away, etc.

>  Is getting something with a digital readout going
> to be a risk these days for accuracy and breakage?

The machinists at work use them, seem to be at least as accurate and rugged as
the dial versions.  Get the waterproof version if you'll be using them around

>  I might be using them in
> the cold too, which makes me wonder if they readout will work OK - probably
> safe to stay with the dial readout I'm guessing....

A quality digital readout should work in any reasonable temperature ... but of
course accuracy will be affected with either dial or digital.

> Basically I'm wondering if some of the brands that can be found on
> are reliable - to try and make the buying process easy for the purchaser...

Sorry, I'm no help there.  I've been buying "cheap Chinese" from Enco, and I've
been pleased with everything I've gotten from them.  Certainly not the quality
of a Starrett or Mitutoyo; but reasonably accurate and worth the price.  If you
_need_ .001" accuracy, IMO you should be using micrometers anyway (and I got a
0-6" set of Chinese mikes for less than the price of one Starrett dial caliper).


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