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RE: Measuring tool recommendations?

To: "Randall" <>,
Subject: RE: Measuring tool recommendations?
From: "Hal Faulkner" <>
Date: Tue, 14 Nov 2006 12:11:02 -0800
I have had a Starrett digital caliper and digital mic for about 8 years now.
The mic I use very rarely, but it has stopped working and only gives me a
zero reading.  Most likely this is simply a connector that has quit working
properly.  I don't feel that this tool has seen enough use for a failure,
but it has been a number of years.  It can be used as an analog mic, but
that sort of defeats the purpose, don't you think?  It will likely cost me
more to have it repaired than a new el Cheapo would, but I do like the feel
of the Starrett and will send it off for repair.  The caliper I use all the
time and it has worked very well, remembering that accuracy is always at
least +/- 1 lsd.  One feature of both I find very useful is the ability to
switch from English to Metric at the push of a button.  Quite handy when you
don't know exactly where the fastener or whatever you are measuring came
from before the DPO installed it!

At this point I would probabally go with the digital caliper but would most
likely regress to an analog mic, were I in the process of purchassing again.


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