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Re: portable metal-cutting shears

Subject: Re: portable metal-cutting shears
From: "John T. Blair" <>
Date: Thu, 25 Aug 2005 11:53:42 -0400
>Gene wrote:
> I'd like to get recommendations from the list on a good quality
>metal-cutting shears for cutting sheet metal 18 or 20 gauge.  Looking for a
>hand held shears, either electric or pneumatic.  This is for
>non-professional use at home while doing sheet metal work on my antique
>sports cars (aka junkers!)<<<<<<

I don't know if there is 1 answer.  Are you trying to cut new metal or 
cut out pieces of car either for replacement or as patch panels?

For new metal, flat, round or L/U channel you won't beat a band saw.  For 
universal use I'd suggest something like:

For cutting stuff, I'd suggest a "very" good saber saw.

For distruction a saw-z-all is great.  But you have to be sure you can
span what you want to cut. You can't cut into 1 of a 2 piece part like
fender wells.  You'll end up hitting the blade on the 2nd panel.

If you want the cat's meow - a plasma cutter is very nice.

I have access to everything except the plasma cutter plus an air nibbler,
air die grinder with a cutting wheel, and air shears.  So far everything
I've dried to cut with the shears was too thick.

Let us know what you find out, or decide on.


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