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Re: portable metal-cutting shears

To: <>
Subject: Re: portable metal-cutting shears
From: "Elton Clark" <>
Date: Tue, 23 Aug 2005 08:37:00 -0500
Gene wrote:

>>>>>> I'd like to get recommendations from the list on a good quality
metal-cutting shears for cutting sheet metal 18 or 20 gauge.  Looking for a
hand held shears, either electric or pneumatic.  This is for
non-professional use at home while doing sheet metal work on my antique
sports cars (aka junkers!)<<<<<<

I share your quest . . I've tried one of the B & D smooth blades in a skill
saw on long cuts but it has to cut at full extension of the blade which
causes grief with the saw kerf.  The nibbler is good for weird shaped
cutouts but lousy for straight cuts.   My band hacksaw can be used on small
pieces as a jig saw but  the throat depth limits it's use.   I take pieces
to a friendly metal shop and use their shear but there's gotta be a better

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