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Re: portable metal-cutting shears

To: Eugene D Abbondelo <>
Subject: Re: portable metal-cutting shears
From: Jim Ferguson <>
Date: Thu, 25 Aug 2005 22:37:54 -0400
I have one like that and have used it to cut a rather complicated repair 
  plate from 1/2" steel. No curves but the 8" X 3" part with a couple 
offsets came out fine.  I just used a grinder for the finish curves.  No 
problem with the saw.  Just don't expect too much from it.  Thin metal 
will encourage the blade to jump off the wheels.


Eugene D Abbondelo wrote:
> John and list:

> I've been thinking about getting the Harbor Freight (Horrible Fright) band 
>saw for 
cutting bar stock, angle iron, etc.  Anyone have the model John linked 
to and do they
like it? How good is it for fairly thick steel, like cutting a pattern 
out of 1/4 inch
steel plate?

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