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RE: portable metal-cutting shears

To: <>
Subject: RE: portable metal-cutting shears
From: "Joe Szwed" <>
Date: Fri, 26 Aug 2005 09:28:42 -0400
I have one from Enco also.
Like Eric said, the stand is pretty flimsy but it has held
up over time (15+ yrs).
I like the band saws better than the abrasive chop saws
because they are no where near as dirty even though they are
Blades are key, I use middle of the road ones that I
typically order from McMaster-Carr.  Hard back blades around
$9 and change each.  Make sure to get a few different
pitches, finer for sheet metal and coarser ones for the
thicker stuff. And spares so when the blade does break in
the middle of your cut, you can finish it.  Also if your
cutting bar stock, you want to have a stock stand or
something to hold the other end of the bars with.  The other
thing that is nice is you can stand it up in the open
position and use it like a vertical saw which is handy for
notches and such.

Someone mentioned cutting angle iron across the flats by
turning for each side to get square cuts. I always clamp it
by the legs so it's pointing up, works well for me.

Joe Szwed

> Mine's from Enco.  Same thing.  It needs good
> quality blades as someone
> else alredy said.  The stand is flimsy but
> acceptable.   On mine the
> blade comes off the wheels if I don't crank down
> REALLY HARD on the tension.
> But its still pretty useful.
> If I was going to be cutting a lot of stuff I'd
> get a better model
> but for infrequent hobby use its WAY better than
> a hacksaw.
> Eric

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