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portable metal-cutting shears

To: <>
Subject: portable metal-cutting shears
From: "Eugene D Abbondelo" <>
Date: Tue, 23 Aug 2005 07:33:20 -0400

I'd like to get recommendations from the list on a good quality metal-cutting 
shears for cutting sheet metal 18 or 20 gauge.  Looking for a hand held shears, 
either electric or pneumatic.  This is for non-professional use at home while 
doing sheet metal work on my antique sports cars (aka junkers!)

Currently I'm using a pneumatic nibbler for long straight cuts or curves, but 
I'm not happy with it because it takes out quite a bit of metal in its path, 
over 1/8 of an inch, plus I can't really see where it's cutting very well; it's 
hard to judge if I'm staying on my line or not, and finally, it leaves millions 
of half-moon shards of metal all over the place.

I think a shear-type cutter would work better for me, especially for long 
straight cuts.  Any help on a brand to buy and where to get it appreciated.


Gene Abbondelo

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