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Re: Anti-Freeze

Subject: Re: Anti-Freeze
From: Joe Flake <>
Date: Tue, 24 Oct 2000 21:23:35 EDT
Dave said:
>  Ethylene glycol, with additives and packaged as coolant, is incredibly
> sour and tastes *terrible*.  No animal is going to take more than a
> couple of licks.  I drank some of the stuff once to prove it's not as
> big a deal as some people claim.


>  Lots of people claim PG tastes sweet and animals and children will
> drink it; I taste tested several brands, and that's absolutely not so.

I'm impressed you've tried it.  I haven't (and don't plan to).  But
I'm not sure it proves anything.  Cats and dogs regularly eat lots
of dead, disgusting things which certainly SMELL worse than coolant
(again I haven't tasted...) so perhaps their taste preferences
are just a bit different from ours...

I'll be careful with the green stuff in my cars now, and consider
replacing it with the newer non-tasty versions in the future.


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