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Re: Anti-Freeze

Subject: Re: Anti-Freeze
From: Richard Beels <>
Date: Tue, 24 Oct 2000 19:45:20 -0400
And the antidote to ingesting ethylene glycol is.......


I had a friend who's father slammed a glass full off the stuff (thinking it 
was mountain dew) the night before going to England.  The ER doc basically 
told him to stay drunk for 3 days or so.....

At 17:55 10/24/2000,  Dave Williams was inspired to say:

>  Ethylene glycol, with additives and packaged as coolant, is incredibly
>sour and tastes *terrible*.  No animal is going to take more than a
>couple of licks.  I drank some of the stuff once to prove it's not as
>big a deal as some people claim.  EG *is* toxic; it'll wreck your
>innards if you drink enough of it, but you'd be hard up to actually
>swallow that much.


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