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Date: Wed, 27 Sep 2000 15:28:29 -0400
Hi Jim:

I've referenced this approach in my original note...No harm trying it, esp
in a small size set up.  It worked in my 1100 sq ft house; not in my 3000.
X10 specs a min of 100 mV signal at a slave to operate it reliably.  Noise
on the line can also inhinbit reliability.  Experiment or measure, whichever
is easier for you.

see my other post about the amplified bridge, and my testing of it.


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Nils wrote:

> What does X10 call the "amplified bridge" or "bridge"?
> When it was not obvious which product you are referring to.
> I tried to search their site but I was unsuccessful in finding
> any reference to either item.
> Regards, Nil
All you need is a 0.10MF, 630V Capacitor across the 230VAC line.
It is the "bridge".  Radio Shack price $0.58.  Catalog# 90-2317.

X-10 will charge a LOT more.  I don't know what an "amplified bridge" is
but I
guess it is a repeater for the other side of  the 230 leg--It shouldn't
necessary.  The capacitor works for all installations I have done.  Just
put it
across any 230V breaker.

Good luck and--I'am ready for the flames.


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