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RE: X10

To: Nils <>, <>
Subject: RE: X10
From: Erik Quackenbush <>
Date: Tue, 26 Sep 2000 14:49:31 -0500

I'm not sure if the X10 company actually makes a signal bridge, but the X10 
patents expired a few years ago and there are a number of companies making 
X10 devices. Leviton makes a full line of X10 compatible devices (they call 
it "DHC", not X10) including a signal bridge. I bought my Leviton signal 
bridge at the local electrical supply house- it was actually in stock. I've 
tried a number of X10 compatible dimmers (including Leviton's) throughout 
the house and garage. So far I'm happiest with the SwitchLinc products from, although I'm planning to try a dimmer from PCS 
since SwitchLinc doesn't offer a 1000W unit and don't care for the Leviton 
unit I'm using now.



At 02:43 PM 9/26/2000 -0400, Nils wrote:

>At 01:38 PM 9/25/2000 -0400, you wrote:
> >one of the nicer add-ons is the device that makes any phone a 256 code
> > captures the DTMF tones from the keypad on your phone line and
> >retransmits them as X10 codes...avail at Smart House and Home Automation.
> >Also, most people will need the "bridge" device in the breaker panel of your
> > connects both phases ("legs") of your incoming power together so
> >that X10 signals are distributed down both legs.  You need this if you seem
> >to  have a system the controls only some of the X10 slaves (i.e. only works
> >if controller and slave are on the same leg).  Get the amplified bridge if
> >your house is "big"'s the only one I've used, other than a cheap
> >version that I built myself with some capacitors.  The amplified one seems
> >to have cured the intermittent response truble  I've had before.
>Hi Paul
>What does X10 call the "amplified bridge" or "bridge"?
>When it was not obvious which product you are referring to.
>I tried to search their site but I was unsuccessful in finding
>any reference to either item.
>Regards, Nils

Erik Quackenbush, V.P. Operations, Midwest Filter Corporation
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