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Re: X10

To: Nils <>, Shop-Talk Maillist <>
Subject: Re: X10
From: Jim Ferguson <>
Date: Wed, 27 Sep 2000 00:10:00 -0400

Nils wrote:

> What does X10 call the "amplified bridge" or "bridge"?
> When it was not obvious which product you are referring to.
> I tried to search their site but I was unsuccessful in finding
> any reference to either item.
> Regards, Nil
All you need is a 0.10MF, 630V Capacitor across the 230VAC line.
It is the "bridge".  Radio Shack price $0.58.  Catalog# 90-2317.

X-10 will charge a LOT more.  I don't know what an "amplified bridge" is
but I
guess it is a repeater for the other side of  the 230 leg--It shouldn't
necessary.  The capacitor works for all installations I have done.  Just
put it
across any 230V breaker.

Good luck and--I'am ready for the flames.


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