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RE: X10

Subject: RE: X10
From: Lee Daniels <>
Date: Wed, 27 Sep 2000 13:16:33 -0500
The Leviton signal bridge can be seen at the SmartHome site at

And then a diagram of how it hooks up is at

although I don't understand all the connections.  This is more than a 
single capacitor, no?  And at $42.30, it's sure an expensive cap!  (But 
only $29.99 if you buy 50 or more...)

Here's one solution I used in the garage:

I don't like leaving the power on to my compressor, thinking that if one of
the lines ever blew a leak while I was away the compressor would run
continuously until it burned up.  And it's in an inaccessible corner of the 
garage so it's a pain to head over and check whether the switch is off or 
on every time I leave.

So I use an X10 module (heavy duty) for the compressor and another module 
set to the same address for my radio.  A remote switch by the door turns 
them both on, so if I can hear the radio, the compressor is energized.

By the way, I don't think you can get the heavy-duty modules from; 
you have to go to X-10 Pro ( to get the 220V stuff.

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