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RE: X10 tele transponder and bridge

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Subject: RE: X10 tele transponder and bridge
From: "Paul Mele" <>
Date: Wed, 27 Sep 2000 14:58:13 -0400 catolog:

the newer version of my telephone-as-controller device is:
item #5005 Leviton Telephone transponder; $139.95

the simple bridge is:
item #4815 Leviton Signal Bridge; $42.30

the amplified bridge is:
item #4820 Leviton X10 Signal Amplified Coupler Repeater;   $199.95  (I have
had this one for 4 years.  its only flaw is that if you have a very
transient brown out or black out, it won't need to manually cut
its power for 5 seconds or so, then turn back on.  Where I live, power drops
out enough to do this about once a month.  I can always tell, bec even tho
my clocks may not have reset to "12:00", some of the X10's won't respond
until I reset it.  Also, I've hooked up my oscilloscope to the line and it
actually does amplify and repeat the signal as claimed....yes, I am a bit of
a skeptic!)

the other source is
Home Controls
(858) 693 8887

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At 01:38 PM 9/25/2000 -0400, you wrote:

>one of the nicer add-ons is the device that makes any phone a 256 code
> captures the DTMF tones from the keypad on your phone line and
>retransmits them as X10 codes...avail at Smart House and Home Automation.
>Also, most people will need the "bridge" device in the breaker panel of
> connects both phases ("legs") of your incoming power together so
>that X10 signals are distributed down both legs.  You need this if you seem
>to  have a system the controls only some of the X10 slaves (i.e. only works
>if controller and slave are on the same leg).  Get the amplified bridge if
>your house is "big"'s the only one I've used, other than a cheap
>version that I built myself with some capacitors.  The amplified one seems
>to have cured the intermittent response truble  I've had before.

Hi Paul

What does X10 call the "amplified bridge" or "bridge"?
When it was not obvious which product you are referring to.
I tried to search their site but I was unsuccessful in finding
any reference to either item.

Regards, Nils

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