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Re: Grinders vs Buffers

To: Thomas Walter <>
Subject: Re: Grinders vs Buffers
From: "Richard George x 7247 (sun)" <>
Date: Tue, 07 Jan 1997 09:54:43 -0800

This guy sounded like he had some neat ideas, so I
did a search on the Powell's database...

Firewall Forward by Bingelis, T. 
Published by (0940000938) 
Subject: Civil Aviation, Section: Construction and Maintenance
In Stock: 7 at 21.95 (new, trade paper, City of Books / Burnside) 

Sportplane Builder Aircraft Constructi by Bingelis, Tony 
    1 @ $21.95, new, trade paper, Motorbooks International [detail] 

Sportplane Construction Techniques by Tony Bingelis 
    1 @ $20.95, new/sd, trade paper, Aviation Book Company [detail] 
Return to query page 

I have some serious space problems in my shop, so...

thanks for the hint,


(Richard George)

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