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Re: Grinders vs Buffers

Subject: Re: Grinders vs Buffers
From: (Thomas Walter)
Date: Tue, 7 Jan 97 11:13:31 CST
>This is a truly great idea - I have a bunch of motor powered tools, like
>grinding wheels, buffers, and belt sanders, and I'm continually moving them
>around trying to clamp them down so that I can use them.  My 'dirty' vise is
>a great place - I just need to make up some brackets!  Thank you!

You're welcome!

Something else that looked neat, but I don't have the space for:

A roll around cabinet.  Roughly 2' x 2' top surface. 

Side of drawers down each side (offset to the right).

On the top is four "workstations":

drill press

small sander


??? (open) ???

Pipe in the middle of this runs overhead to the electrical outlet.
Shop has a series of over head bicycle hooks to hold electrical 
cables out of the way. Additional outlets on the tool stand.

Idea was presented in one of Tony Bennet's (???) books. 
He is a contributor to EAA's Sport Plane.  He has two books
about home building air craft.  One is "Firewall Forward".
The free rolling "work station" would bring common
power tools next to where you were working on building an
kit plane. Must admit also would be handy when restoring a
vehicle, especially in a large shop, to save walking back
and forth between tools and the vehicle.

When you are done, you could roll it up against an open wall
space... leaving which ever "tool" facing out for you to use.

By setting up four set of drawers, you can keep the appropiate
bits and pieces close at hand for that tool. 


Tom Walter
Austin, TX

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