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Re: Grinders vs Buffers

Subject: Re: Grinders vs Buffers
From: dfdarby@JUNO.COM (David F. Darby)
Date: Tue, 7 Jan 1997 21:02:55 PST
On Tue, 7 Jan 1997 10:33:11 -0800 (Chris Kantarjiev)
>       my question is . . why can't I put a buffing wheel on a bench 
>You can. Take off the guards and go for it; that's what I have set up. 

Learned this trick from an expert wood carver 20 years ago. She had lots
of oddly-shaped knives, gouges, and parting tools that were difficult if
not impossible to correctly sharpen otherwise.

Leave a fine stone on one side of a 6" grinder for badly nicked stuff;
take the guards off the other side and stack spirally-sewn cotton buffs
(from industrial supply house) on. We use white buffing compound in bar
form to load up the buffing wheel. You can easily shave with the
results. A word of caution, though: at 3400 rpm this rig can take
something away from you and hand it right back before you can say "Bob's
your uncle." Be careful. If you're timid I would suggest making a tool
holder for whatever you are sharpening or buffing.

One last tip: After you have set it up, with the thing spinning, hold a
sharp blade upside down beneath the buff and slowly pull it up into the
wheel, slicing the spiral stitching toward the center of the wheel an
inch or two. This loosens up the buff and allows a little more control
over the buffing operation.

YMMV. Be careful; wear goggles; avoid distractions; take that necktie
off; and pay attention.

David F. Darby
Missouri Ozarks

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