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Parts Washer

Subject: Parts Washer
From: (Keith R. Stewart)
Date: Thu, 8 Feb 1996 01:00:11 GMT
I have been interested in this thread because I was planning to build
something along the lines of what has been described here but it seems no
one has actually done exactly what the original suggestion was about.
So,'s my $.02!

I haven't done it yet, so all I can describe is what I have planned as well
as the parts that I have so far accumulated and hopefully this might be
helpful or better yet, spark additional comments.

I bought my laundry tub *on-sale* for approx. $17.00 it is approximately 19
1/2" X 19 1/2" with a depth of 11 1/2".  It holds 16 =BD gallons and is made
of Polypropylene.  For a pump, I purchased the same pump that my local auto
parts store sells for it's parts washers, the 'Little Giant Submersible
Pump', Model 1Y at a cost of approx. $65 (*on-sale*).  To direct the fluid,
I purchased a Flexible Nozzle (Steel), that is 24 inches long, for approx.
$13.00.  As mentioned earlier, there are Parts Washer Brush Sets.  I bought
2 brushes with flow through handles for approx. $7.00.  Parts so far are
just over $100 (Cdn)-that's probably closer to $1.99 'Mercun Dollars:-)

The pump used has a maximum pumping height of 7.4 feet and will pump 205
gallons per hour (3.3 gallons per minute) at a height of one foot.  The pump
output is =BC" male NPT. The Flexible nozzle used was24 " long and is fed at
one end by its =BC" male NPT.

I plan to hook the drain from the tub straight through the lid of a large
pail. Presently, I am leaning toward using one of those large plastic 20 kg.
pails used for swimming pool bromine tablets.  I figure that it will be
easier to seal the openings for electrical and cleaner fluid in plastic than
it would be in steel.  My current plan is to cut holes in the side of the
pail about 2" from the bottom of the pail in order to mount the pump.  One
hole will provide the fluid feed via plastic pipe to the stainless steel
nozzle on the tub, the other hole will route out the electrical connection.
I will feed the electical wires to a switch to control the pump.  By keeping
the pump off the bottom, hopefully I will avoid clogging the pump with
debris.  Periodically, I drain will off the fluid and clean out the 'grunge'
from the pail.

I am thinking about using some spare 'Dexion' to make a frame to support the
tub and also a shelf underneath for the pail.  The switch would be installed
on the side of the frame.  I think I might install casters on the frame legs
so that it can be easily rolled around to wherever I want to use it or more
likely out of the way when *not* in use.

One concern I have is with the submersible pump.  The model I purchased is
the same as that used in the auto parts store washers but the literature
with the pump only indicates applications for water.  Any one with
experience here?  I haven't decided yet what caulking to use to seal the
pump/pail holes ... suggestions?

I would appreciate hearing from anyone who can see problems with my plan or
who has suggestions for improving it.  Also, I was planning to write an
article for my club magazine when the project is finished.  If anyone is
interested in a copy via e-mail let me know and I will send it to you when
it is finished.

Whew...that was some $0.02 worth!!!

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