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re:Parts washer

Subject: re:Parts washer
Date: Mon, 05 Feb 96 13:17:07 -0500
I have one of the 20 gal tank types and one of the commercial
35 gal barrel types. The latter has the pump mounted under the 'sink'
where it fits in the drum. There's an output tube which is attached
to the back of the 'sink' A hose and float keep the input at the top of
the fluid in the drum.

I like the latter alot. My 20 gal never gets used anymore, though it
will probably see some use when I move it home. The commercial
one came from Safety Kleen and we change the solvent every
two or three months @ a cost of about $35/change.

Give the cost, it's tough to justfy purchasing one now that I know better.
But if you are going to buy one, you can get the fluid @ NAPA and return it
there as well.


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