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RE: Parts Washer

Subject: RE: Parts Washer
Date: Thu, 8 Feb 96 09:35:37 EST
Reading Keith Stewart's plans, I have the following comments:

> My current plan is to cut holes in the side of the pail about 2" from the 
> bottom of the pail in order to mount the pump.  One hole will provide the 
> fluid feed via plastic pipe to the stainless steel nozzle on the tub, the 
> other hole will route out the electrical connection
> I haven't decided yet what caulking to use to seal the pump/pail holes ...
> suggestions?

I suggest NOT cutting holes in the pail, but suspending the pump from a 
bracket on top of the pail and leading the pressure hose and electrical 
wire up the suspension chain/bracket and over the edge.  My submersible 
pump has a handle on the top that I loop a cord through.  Advantages 

1. No problems with sealing
2. Easy to change pails, which means that you could have pails with 
   different solvents or grades of dirtiness
3. You could raise and lower the pump to keep it out of the grunge or lower
   it further into a diminishing supply
4. Easy to clean out the pail without encumbering connections or just
   use a new pail.

> The model I purchased is the same as that used in the auto parts store
> washers but the literature with the pump only indicates applications for
> water 

Good question!  Would the solvent damage the seals or the electrical cable?
It might not exhibit a problem until several years of submersion, so it's
probably a good idea to plug it into a GFCI receptacle just like any time 
you get electricity close to liquid.

Peter Ross

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