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Re: Welders

To: Mike Lee - Team Banana Racing <>
Subject: Re: Welders
From: Steve Obert <>
Date: Wed, 07 Feb 1996 08:03:48 -0500
Mike Lee - Team Banana Racing wrote:
> Does anyone have a phone number or catalog for Lincoln?
> I've been using a SP-100 at school, and want to get one.  The local
> Costco has the Lincoln "Weld-Pak 100", which looks identical to the
> SP-100, for ~$280.  I'd like to find out what the difference is between
> the two.  Also, if a gas option exists for the Weldpak version.
> All the other local places only carry Century.  The cost is comparable
> between the two brands, but the Lincoln has continuously variable
> voltage.  Any pro/cons between the brands in terms of
> reliability/quality/etc?
> TIA,
> MikeThe weld-pak machine is a cheapened 'retail' version.  The 
SP-100 has a gas kit available.  You want to start with the kit.  
The sp-100 also can run on a 25 amp circuit if you change the 

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