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re:Parts washer

Subject: re:Parts washer
From: "john (j.r.) soucie" <>
Date: Mon, 5 Feb 1996 11:52:00 -0500
Doug Daverne wrote:

>Somebody (sorry I can't remember who & deleted the message) mentioned that a
>parts washers sould have a large volume, low velocity flow.  I quite agree
>with this.  The industrial parts washers that I have seen actually have a
>round, paint brush like attachment that acts both as a brush for cleaning
>and a method of applying the solvent to the part.  I wouldn't think it would
>be too difficult to make something like this.  You would need to drill a
>port in the brush handle somehow to send the sovent through which would
>probably be the most challenging part.

 You can buy these brushes from most places that sell parts washers such
as auto parts places(UAP...). Why bother making one when you can buy them
for a few bucks.

 Also, a friend built a parts washer and he used an electric fuel pump
running off of a car battery or charger. It seemed to have just the right
amount of pressure and volume. His problem was that the system kept
getting clogged from all the crud. I think it may have been a problem
with where the pump feed was coming from, I can't remember exactly but
it made the system a real hassle in the long term since you had to
unclog it quite often. I like the floating the solvent on the water idea.

 How do the comercial washers get the feed for the solvent? And if you
just sit a sink on top of a solvent tank, what way do you get the puump
feed? Do you drill into the side of the barrel half way up and put
in some fittings?

John Soucie  

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