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Re: Need TD Speaker Solution / GPS

To: "John Quilter" <>
Subject: Re: Need TD Speaker Solution / GPS
From: (Richard Feibusch)
Date: Mon, 17 May 2004 07:46:00 -0700
>Yes, Rick but didn't you get a ticket in San Francisco for this headphone

Yes, that was about 20 years ago in San Francisco up near UC Hospital on
Parnassus St.  Long before cell phones and 300DB "thumper" car stereos. It
took 4 strapping young UC College Policeman and two patrol cars to nab my
wife and I for wearing headphones in the green TD.

I was wearing the stock Sony Walkman (with "hear-through foam pads)plugged
into a homemade splitter and Carolyn had a pair of airline movie phones.
We were listening to Getz and Gilberto, top and windscreen down.  I think
that they were really pulling us over for having too much fun!

I went to court on that one and stated that I could hear traffic and horns
better in my open TD than someone in a sedan with the air and stereo on and
the windows cranked up. The Judge agreed but said that there was no law
against having the air and stereo on and the windows cranked up. Ticket
stood - Cost me all of $18 (THOSE were the good old days!) BUT it went on
my driving record as a moving violation. Explain THAT to the insurance


Rick Feibusch
Venice Beach, CA

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