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Need TD Speaker Solution / GPS

To: "mg-t" <>
Subject: Need TD Speaker Solution / GPS
From: "Bob D." <>
Date: Sun, 16 May 2004 10:05:50 -0000
Does anyone have recommendations for a good clean unobtrusive stereo speaker

I'm not installing a radio, just a small amplifier for my GPS/PDA. Nothing
hand held has enough volume to be heard in an MG with the top down on the

BTW, driving on a trip with voice guidance GPS is wonderful! I just punch in
my destination, and turn when the voice says to turn. The driving experience
is greatly enhanced when you don't have to worry about where you are, or
missing a turn. It's incredibly liberating (this probably sounds stupid, but
it really is.)

Bob Donahue (Still stuck in the '50s)
Email -
52 MGTD - NEMGTR #11470
71 MGB - NAMGBR #7-3336

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