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RE: Need TD Speaker Solution / GPS

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Subject: RE: Need TD Speaker Solution / GPS
From: "James Fischer" <>
Date: Sun, 16 May 2004 23:15:02 -0400
Strongly consider a bone-conduction rig like one these:

I think that there are cheaper versions that can be found.

Noise levels in any MG are higher than in many environments,
and you really do not want to block even one ear.  You want
to hear that aggressive 55-foot tractor-trailer as it swoops
down the onramp without any thought of paying the slightest
attention to the "Yield" sign.

Bone conduction units work well, and do not have to be all that
loud to be "heard" over cockpit noise, the whine of a tranny,
the tapokata-tapokata-tapokata of the engine, and so on.

But a GPS in a T-Series?  Wow, given the level of flack I catch
for having an authentic 1950s mechanical Halda Speed Pilot hidden
discreetly in the glovebox, you are certain to be drawn and
quartered at the next rally you attempt to enter!  :)

I always tell passengers that I am just following the Moto-Meter.
You mean it only tells the water temperature?
It has no idea where it is going either?
Suddenly, a pattern emerges...


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