[TR] TR6 low tension wire

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I have a new 6V coil on my shelf.  Don't know where it came from.  It says on the printing on the side "6V NO EXTERNAL RESISTOR REQUIRED 904".  Haven't used it because I never knew what it is for.

I do have a 74.  So it does have the resistor wire and the 12 volt wire off the starter relay.  I was told by another individual that a 1.5 ohm coil is to be used with resistance wire.  Or 3 ohm without the resistance wire.  Don't know if this 6V coil is anything useful or not.
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The later TR6's have a 6v coil that gets a full 12v supply during cranking then 6v during normal running. The 6v is via a resistance wire. You have the option of fitting a 12v coil and just using a fixed 12v supply. Easy to do on the 74's, just move a wire from the relay to the fuse box. On  the 73 you need to add a new wire from the fuse box to the coil.

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Question:  Is the low tension wire from the coil to distributor something special?  Triumph TR6 with points.  Is it a resistor wire or something?  Or can I fabricate a wire without resistance and use that?

Thanks, Creig

Creig Houghtaling
St. Louis, MO
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