[TR] Name that distributor (TR3)

Art McEwen amcewen2 at cogeco.ca
Sun Oct 14 18:19:17 MDT 2018


The backing plate on my TR3's distributor has a lot of play in it so timing is problematic. I ordered a new one from Moss however that part (551-055) doesn't have the same tall
attachment for the low tension lead leading outside the cap (see old unit on the left): https://www.dropbox.com/s/wzxo5gpd3tnuaei/IMG_20181014_103805763.jpg?dl=0

The distributor is stamped 40480D (see below) which doesn't seem to be within the range of their 25D model matching (if I go down the electronic replacement match-up rabbit hole). 

Do I have a non-standard distributor? Any idea the right part # for my backing plate? Or should I just bite the bullet and go electronic?


1960 TR3A TS64989LO
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