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David Templeton davidt at opentext.com
Mon May 28 05:54:13 MDT 2018

Carb cleaner to get the dirt and shavings out then Mother’s metal polish.  Rubbed that around then carb cleaner again and a dry flannel rag.  😊  metal polished the piston edge to make sure there was no minor scratches there.

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What did you use to polish the inside?  Looks nice.
Bill B
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On May 27, 2018, at 8:15 PM, David Templeton <davidt at opentext.com<mailto:davidt at opentext.com>> wrote:
First off thanks as always for the advice, I got a number of suggestions and it seems a bit of elbow grease and emery paper was the recommended course of action.  It was suggested to make sure of the contact point to use a blue indicator, well it is $9usd and $50cdn.  So needed another solution.  Reading other posts on different sites, it was suggested to use a fat sharpie to colour the metal then make it the parts rub.  Then the contact point showed up.  Well, after about 2hrs of sanding and checking I got it to slide cleanly.  After carb cleaner and polishing of the piston and pot and voila finally reinstalled….  Those pistons go thunk now


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