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FYI to brian kemp and randall.  Borrowed a friends meter and found that my battery was putting out 12.8 volts instead of the 51.  Dunno why my meter failed me but must be worthless.  I had put it away still turned on instead of shutting it off.  I'm wondering if that burned something out or ruined the meter.  It has been several years since I used it.
Anyway all is well.  Update on another issue in the past.  I had complained of llittle heat coming from a new heater I had put in the tr-3, which had been overhauled so had clean passages ect.  I had routed the outlet heater hose up over the heater which I think caused a partial or full air lock.  Seems not enough pressure to take the water straight up and over.  This past winter I switched the hose to down under the heater making it much easier for the water to pass and circulate.  I'm getting much hotter air from the heater and also think the car is running cooler than before.  Just a note to anyone having the same problem or issue.
Someone mentioned getting a good job done at small independent shops.  I have found that some of these places can do excellent work for a fraction of the cost of "well known" shops.  I had an Amishman who builds/repairs buggys cover my side screens  and did a great job.  If memory serves me it was around 50 bucks apiece.  Also had a flywheel shaved for much less than 100.  It does take some searching and asking around to find them but when a good one is found it's a treasure.
thats all
gary n.
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