[TR] TR3A Apron Off!

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Wed Jul 18 10:40:18 MDT 2018

Check for steering play and service as needed.  It won't get any easier than with apron off and rad out.  


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On Jul 18, 2018, 9:48 AM, at 9:48 AM, Jim Henningsen <trguy75 at gmail.com> wrote:
>Took the apron off my 48k mile 61 TR3A for the first time.  Not as bad
>as I
>was thinking it was going to be.  I am changing out the original
>radiator with an aluminum one and installing yellow TR6 fan and new
>kit  to help with keeping engine in the normal range.  Will flush out
>along the way.  Not worried about correctness for shows, but enhanced
>What else should I do while I have front access to the engine? The car
>frame off restored 30 years ago and only 2000 miles on since.  Still
>clean.  I replaced front engine mounts, cooling hoses, fan belt. The
>car had
>an electric fan on the front of the radiator.  I had hoped to put one
>on the
>engine side of the radiator but there is only 1 1/2 inch clearance
>rad and front hub. Should I keep electric fan on front as backup,
>it might block air going in?  Should I change out timing seal, gaskets?
> Any
>thoughts on items to do with apron off much appreciated.
>Thanks in advance,
>Jim Henningsen
>Ocala, FL
>61 TR3A
>62 TR4
>75 TR6
>82 Jeep CJ8
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