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Don Hiscock don.hiscock at gmail.com
Wed Jan 3 07:11:33 MST 2018

My TR3B had an overflow bottle when I got it in 1981, and I kept it after
restoration.  Same basic location as Randall's.

Here's "before", looking from the air filters toward the front.  Note the
open space alongside the inner wing and the radiator.

And "after".  Some of my original bits, and some new ones from TRF.

On Wed, Jan 3, 2018 at 3:29 AM, Randall <TR3driver at ca.rr.com> wrote:

> > I am looking for suggestions on a radiator overflow bottle configuration
> > for the '3a.  I am not wanting to spend stupid money but open to
> > suggestions from those who have added on to their '3.
> Here's what I did.  The bottle and holder are used originals from a Stag
> (same as TR6).  TRF has them new, $28 for the bottle, cap & holder.  The
> holder is held to the inner wing with 1/4" bolts.
> https://imgur.com/P76PBYu
> Not the easiest place to get to; but there is really no need to access the
> bottle.  I can do the initial fill through the radiator neck (by slowly
> filling it to the very top and waiting for coolant to run down the hose).
> And any excess (like when a leaking head gasket blows coolant out) will
> eventually run out the top.
> I can get it out with the apron on, by removing the horn, but I've not yet
> found a reason to do so.
> I also had to get the radiator fill neck replaced with a modern one, so I
> could use a recovery cap.  Never could get a stock type cap to hold vacuum,
> so it would suck coolant back into the engine.  I tried several caps, tried
> filling the space around the center rivet with RTV, and various rubber
> gaskets; but nothing worked for me.  The modern fill neck was under $20
> installed (as part of other radiator work).
> And a Stant "Lev-R-Vent" cap was only $8 or so.  I like being able to vent
> the system without having to loosen the cap and take a chance on it coming
> off all the way.  Wasn't a TR, but I once got a shower in scalding coolant
> on a cold winter day, when I didn't realize just how hot the engine was.
> Fortunately I was wearing glasses, so it didn't get in my eyes.  (TR
> content, we were trying to jump start a previous TR3A "barn find" with my
> 65
> Olds.  It would NOT start, so we got the bright idea of running hot coolant
> through the TR from the Olds.  Still wouldn't start!)
> -- Randall
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