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My bottle and holder are from a GT6. The holder mounts on a horizontal 
surface so is mounted in the back right rear of the apron next to the 
radiator, behind the cardboard ducting.


On 1/3/18 7:11 AM, Don Hiscock wrote:
> My TR3B had an overflow bottle when I got it in 1981, and I kept it 
> after restoration.  Same basic location as Randall's.
> Here's "before", looking from the air filters toward the front.  Note 
> the open space alongside the inner wing and the radiator.
> https://photos.smugmug.com/photos/i-sgKkWNB/0/32b27947/X3/i-sgKkWNB-X3.jpg
> And "after".  Some of my original bits, and some new ones from TRF.
> https://photos.smugmug.com/photos/i-fszqz5f/0/43c20229/X3/i-fszqz5f-X3.jpg
> On Wed, Jan 3, 2018 at 3:29 AM, Randall <TR3driver at ca.rr.com 
> <mailto:TR3driver at ca.rr.com>> wrote:
>     > I am looking for suggestions on a radiator overflow bottle
>     configuration
>     > for the '3a.  I am not wanting to spend stupid money but open to
>     > suggestions from those who have added on to their '3.
>     Here's what I did.  The bottle and holder are used originals from
>     a Stag
>     (same as TR6).  TRF has them new, $28 for the bottle, cap &
>     holder.  The
>     holder is held to the inner wing with 1/4" bolts.
>     https://imgur.com/P76PBYu
>     Not the easiest place to get to; but there is really no need to
>     access the
>     bottle.  I can do the initial fill through the radiator neck (by
>     slowly
>     filling it to the very top and waiting for coolant to run down the
>     hose).
>     And any excess (like when a leaking head gasket blows coolant out)
>     will
>     eventually run out the top.
>     I can get it out with the apron on, by removing the horn, but I've
>     not yet
>     found a reason to do so.
>     I also had to get the radiator fill neck replaced with a modern
>     one, so I
>     could use a recovery cap.  Never could get a stock type cap to
>     hold vacuum,
>     so it would suck coolant back into the engine.  I tried several
>     caps, tried
>     filling the space around the center rivet with RTV, and various rubber
>     gaskets; but nothing worked for me.  The modern fill neck was
>     under $20
>     installed (as part of other radiator work).
>     And a Stant "Lev-R-Vent" cap was only $8 or so.  I like being
>     able to vent
>     the system without having to loosen the cap and take a chance on
>     it coming
>     off all the way.  Wasn't a TR, but I once got a shower in
>     scalding coolant
>     on a cold winter day, when I didn't realize just how hot the
>     engine was.
>     Fortunately I was wearing glasses, so it didn't get in my eyes.  (TR
>     content, we were trying to jump start a previous TR3A "barn find"
>     with my 65
>     Olds.  It would NOT start, so we got the bright idea of running
>     hot coolant
>     through the TR from the Olds.  Still wouldn't start!)
>     -- Randall
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