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I went with a different vendor, (TSI) who for the same $10 offers a stiffer shock.  this was on my TR6, which is already heavily modified, both engine and suspension.  I can’t say it made a world of difference, but I did not do a head to head comparison as the shocks were shot when I replaced them.  I absolutely am planning on doing that for my TR4, which needs new shocks as well.  again, those shocks were on the car when it was retrieved from a garage and a 25 year nap, so its not going to be a head to head comparison.

my overall impression is that stock cars are pretty soft and sloppy, so I would advise in favor.

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Subject: [TR] TR3 Shock Rebuild

Hey all ~

I note that Apply Hydraulics offers to rebuild TR3 shocks with a $10 
extra charge for the heavy duty" option with "larger bronze bushing 
where main shaft rides. Shock valving is upgraded, 15% stiffer than 
standard shock."

Anyone opted for the heavy duty option? It's not the nominal extra cost 
that concerns me -- it's the extra stiffness I'm wondering about.... 

Comments anyone who's BTDT?


Dave Friedlander


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