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Thank you!

I assume this is the damper and company you're referring-to:

*   http://tinyurl.com/z35ondh <http://tinyurl.com/z35ondh>*
I don't see any adjustable firmness feature, as you mentioned,
but perhaps I misunderstood


On Mon, Dec 26, 2016 at 4:24 PM, Robert M Lang <blang at mit.edu> wrote:

> Hi,
> I didn't see any responses to your query, so, here goes.
> I've done a number of installs with the Apple HD option. For light duty,
> the upgrade is okay. Note that the shocks lubricate via the shaft, so the
> shocks will leak and you need to fill them from time to time. I have PLENTY
> of shock fluid, if you want some. As far as ride, it's firm, but for my
> cars I run stiffer springs and the heavy shock action is needed. But
> Triumphs tend to ride firm anyway.
> If anyone ever wants an explanation of how and why you should upgrade
> shocks, I'd be more than happy to explain.
> Some time ago, I wound up contacting a different vendor in WI that
> rebuilds Armstrongs. These folks use a modern seal on the shaft and they
> don't leak! They offer various upgrades, I have become a big fan of the
> externally adjustable upgrade because RACECAR, but you can make them as
> soft of stiff as you like.
> It's been a few years, but the vendor is WorldWide Auto Parts,
> www.nosimport.com
> <http://www.nosimport.com/>
> World Wide Auto Parts of Madison <http://www.nosimport.com/>
> www.nosimport.com
> Welcome to World Wide Import Auto Parts... the website for World Wide Auto
> Parts of Madison, Inc in Madison, WI USA. We are located in a 15,000 square
> foot brick and ...
> The dude I worked with even has some videos on YouToob explaining how to
> rebuild lever shocks.
> Check them out. I'm very satisfed with the service.
> Regards,
> rml
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> Hey all ~
> I note that Apply Hydraulics offers to rebuild TR3 shocks with a $10
> extra charge for the heavy duty" option with "larger bronze bushing
> where main shaft rides. Shock valving is upgraded, 15% stiffer than
> standard shock."
> Anyone opted for the heavy duty option? It's not the nominal extra cost
> that concerns me -- it's the extra stiffness I'm wondering about....
> Comments anyone who's BTDT?
> TIA,
> Dave Friedlander
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