[TR] TR3 Shock Rebuild

Randall TR3driver at ca.rr.com
Thu Dec 22 23:16:29 MST 2016

> I'm not at home right now to look up the vendor, and know it wasn't Apple.
> I got rebuilt shocks that are adjustable stiffness. The instructions said
> 1 1/2 turns is stock. I've found I like the stiffness at 1 1/4 turns, and
> at just one turn it was too stiff. If you are interested I will find the
> vendor for you.

Probably Peter Caldwell at World Wide Auto Parts, Madison WI.

Not mentioned on the web site, but the order form they will send you offers
all sorts of options as to what is painted, whether you want your own shocks
back (important to some purists), what valving to include, etc.  

I've apparently lost it now, but Peter once sent me a detailed list of all
the things they do; the result should be much better than original.

-- Randall

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