[Mgs] water temp/oil pressure gage

Max Heim mvheim at sonic.net
Mon Oct 3 13:29:16 MDT 2022

Well, that’s about what I would expect. Any “barn find” gauge would need to be tested. Restored or “known good" gauges would be expensive.

Is there a local club? Maybe someone would let you have a “loaner” from a non-running project that you could use for startup testing, on the condition you returned it.

Max Heim
mvheim at sonic.net

> On Oct 3, 2022, at 10:09 AM, dave northrup <dave at ranteer.com> wrote:
> I am helping a friend with a 56 MGA.  Definitely in need of cosmetic restoration; we think the mechanicals are pretty good.
> He is planning on having all the gages rebuilt at some point; right now it has no temp/oil pressure gage and we need that before we go any farther with the mechanicals.  We are looking for one that works; don’t care at all what it looks like as long as it works.  Anyone have an old gage around they would be willing to sell?
> I see them on ebay but they are always either really expensive or not tested.
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