[Mgs] MGB factory V8 propshaft

Eric J Russell ejrussell at mebtel.net
Mon Mar 27 18:39:51 MDT 2017

> Anyone aware of an oddity with the gearbox flange bolts and nuts?  The 
> people that removed my engine lost the nuts.
> The Leyland Parts Catalogue shows the nuts as GHF223, confirmed by those 
> suppliers that specifically list the V8 propshaft as well as the 
> 4-cylinder which are different.  This is a 3/8" UNF Nyloc - but they don't 
> fit any of the bolts on my gearbox, which look like the correct 'specials' 
> (22B483) that lock against the flange when undoing and tightening.  They 
> go on about 1/4 turn, then jam, as if the nut is slightly too small for 
> the bolt, or the threads are significantly different.

Perhaps you have 'center lock' nuts. They look like standard nuts but have a 
punch mark in the center of the hex. This distorts the threads to make them 
'locking'. These are different from Nylocks or Stiff Nuts.

See: http://www.gatewayfasteners.com/nuts-center-lock-nuts-c-10_854.html

Alternatively, you may have prevailing torque bolts.

Eric Russell
Mebane, NC 

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