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Measure the volt-drops through the circuit, as described here http://www.mgb-stuff.org.uk/electricstext2.htm#heavy  Ideally no more than half a volt lost each 'leg'.

It's a bit chicken and egg, i.e. if the starter is finding it difficult to turn the engine (newly rebuilt and stiff?), then the battery voltage will drop and the volt-drops will go up, but if the battery or the connections are weak the starter will only turn the engine slowly.  Battery voltage during cranking is a good guide - if it's below 10v then the battery is weaker than it should be.  If it's noticeably more than 10v then the current is low, which could be connections or motor.

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  pull the starter, and you get a grunt, another grunt, then it cranks over and starts.  drive it for an hour, stop for gas, and it still does it.  charge the battery all day and it still does it.
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