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Barrie Robinson barrie at look.ca
Tue Jan 10 14:31:49 MST 2017

Hello Jack,
I built myself an MGB GT V8 and warmed over the 
Rover V8 with HC pistons, mild cam and Webers. 
Performance is mind boggling but when I can I 
will put back a standard cam as it is tricky to 
drive with so much power and the engine is not 
"smooth" just hairy.  Luckily I used to be a 
motor cowboy so I can handle it by going softly 
softly.   But I do not let my daughter drive it 
as she thinks she is good - even handled my 
Maserati Mistral - but the MGB  GT V8 is less 
forgiving.   So be careful how much oomph you put 
into an MGB with its suspension unless you modify 
that too.   My MGB GT V8 has much modified 
suspension and rear axle set up.   With its short 
wheel base the MGB could be tricky - just like 
the Maserati Biturbo -  I saw a lot of those in 
the Dealers shop for damage repairs caused by normal drivers!!

At 04:11 PM 1/9/2017 -0600, Charley & Peggy Robinson via Mgs wrote:

>Doesn't look like the HC pistons I used are 
>available now, at least from Moss.  Someone 
>mentioned getting them from the UK.  You might 
>pursue that.  Have to know what size you need 
>though, as I'm sure you're aware.Â
>Look, do you really need 10:1 CR?  Or a longer 
>duration cam?  Do you plan to stand on it a lot 
>or go for drives in the countryside?   There are trade-offs, y'know?Â
>On 1/9/2017 11:26 AM, Jack Wheeler wrote:
>>Good advice... Thanks.  Do you know where high 
>>compression pistons are available?
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