[Mgs] MGB Question

Charley & Peggy Robinson ccrobins at ktc.com
Mon Jan 9 15:11:33 MST 2017

Doesn't look like the HC pistons I used are available now, at least from 
Moss.  Someone mentioned getting them from the UK.  You might pursue 
that.  Have to know what size you need though, as I'm sure you're aware.

Look, do you really need 10:1 CR?  Or a longer duration cam?  Do you 
plan to stand on it a lot or go for drives in the countryside?   There 
are trade-offs, y'know?


On 1/9/2017 11:26 AM, Jack Wheeler wrote:
> Good advice... Thanks.  Do you know where high compression pistons are 
> available?
> Jack
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