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Fred Wescoe fredwescoe at gmail.com
Tue Nov 19 14:34:46 MST 2019


I am starting to do some of the cold weather work on my BJ8 and I have 2

1.  My choke cable is extremely difficult to pull out, it takes both hands
on the knob to move the knob out far enough to activate the chokes.  What
is the best/easy way to access the old cable for removal?  I have a new
choke cable to install but how do I route the new cable around behind the
dash so there are no kinks (I suspect that is my current problem) and to
avoid the heater/defroster hoses and anything else which may be in the
way.  I would like to get the new cable in so that it works smoothly and
with just one hand.  Should I use grease or graphite on the cable to help?
Ideas?  "I did it this way and it worked great."  Tips and tricks?

2.   A couple of months ago, I had an issue with my downpipes that came
loose from the exhaust manifold.  On the down pipes, I removed the brass
nuts and split washers and replaced them with new stuff.  Upon close
inspection, I now find that the intake and exhaust manifolds have also
worked loose from the head.  However, on the manifolds, there is a flat
washer against the manifolds, then a split washer and then the brass nut.
Which is the correct method of assembly; flat washer then split washer and
brass nut, no split washer or no flat washer.  Should the downpipes be
bolted together the same as the exhaust/intake manifolds to the head? What
is causing these exhaust parts to come loose and what do I do to prevent
this from happening?  What is the thinking of those who have rebuilt
engines and what has worked?

Thanks for the collective wisdom here.

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